how to save money

How to save money every month

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2020)

Hi friends, Welcome to e Note Edition Lifestyle Area, today im telling you how to save money every month, here are few ways to get started with saving! Now is a great time to tighten the belt and look to ways to trim the fat from your budget. Plus, every dollar saved is a dollar you can invest – so your money can start working harder for you.

how to save money

  • Analyze Your Grocery Bills

Write a weekly meal menu. It helps ensure that you have the ingredients handy, saving time and reducing the need to buy takeaway (Expense more money).

Only buy the items on your shopping list.

Plant your own veggies. They’ll taste great!

Take your own shopping bags. If you’re popping in to the shops for one or two items, then take your own bag with you. It limits how much you can carry and helps abstain impulse buys.

specially Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry! This may lead to impulse purchases.

Making your lunches at home could save more dollars as well

you can Buy basic items on special – dry goods that you know will get used can be stocked up on when on specific.



  • Control Phone/ Internet Bill

Think before you get phone! Could you use a landline rather than mobile? Could you send an email instead? Use your cheapest option!



Control electricity Bill

Save on your Electricity bill and wash clothes in cold water.

When you are purchasing electrical gadgets like Refrigerator  or air conditioner, go for higher star rating it will cost you more in the time of purchase but will reduce the your monthly Electricity Bill.

Spending on solar lights, solar fans and other solar devices will be a one-time investment and during the summer you can cut down the electricity bill to a great extent.


Pay your bills on time and avoid belated fees it’s good habit for how to save money

Have a written budget to control your expenditure. and  Track your expenditure on at least a weekly basis

Only ever allow yourself to have one credit card. and Roll your credit card into a low interest rate one and start paying it off.

Appraise whether the rewards points are really worthwhile


  • Technology

Review your internet plan and Monitor your usage. Otherwise you can end up with a High bill at the end of the month!

Review your mobile phone plan and With regards to your mobile phone, avoid the temptation to continually upgrade

Turn off roaming data when you go overseas and Use Skype (Voip) for long-distance and overseas calls

If you need buy book, then consider buying the e-book versions as they tend to be cheaper.


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