4 health tips to improve women’s hearts

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2019)

Tell a woman that she is more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than breast cancer and she will not believe you. However, heart disease and blood vessel disease together cause twice as many deaths in women as all forms of cancer. To protect yourself, ladies, follow these sensible health tips, developed just for you!

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1. Think first of all about yourself

A hospital study found that women’s low self-esteem was the main reason for not making the changes needed to improve their cardiovascular health.Remember, if you are no longer there, what you did for others will not matter anymore.

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2. Take the time to relax

Once back from work, meditate or simply settle down in a quiet, dark room for 20 minutes. Stress hurts the heart directly and, indirectly, when you avoid making changes to your lifestyle that could help your heart.And in a woman’s life, the stress of work is often compounded by the stress of the home. Give yourself a break between your two worlds. It will make a huge difference to the health of your heart.

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3. Keep the heart of your family members healthy

As you do in promoting the benefits of healthy eating and the harms of smoking or excess alcohol, encourage your children and grandchildren to be aware of the importance of caring for their hearts. Thus, you can prevent heart disease in future generations.Encourage them to be active with you.Prepare meals with them so that they learn what are the “good” and “bad” foods.

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4. Listen to your body

Do not assume that if you do not have acute chest pain, you do not have a heart attack. Symptoms of a heart attack in women may include extreme weakness or a feeling similar to indigestion. So, be attentive to your body. Surveys of women who have had a heart attack indicate that they may have some unique symptoms the month before the seizure, such as an unusual feeling of fatigue, sleep problems, indigestion, and weakness in the arms.

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