How to be a rich

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2023)

How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live the Life You Want

To be rich: always remember the below points


  • Your salary will never make you rich because your boss is not that stupid


  • Your earnings is fixed but do your expenses are fixed?


  • In your job, you will never pay according to your value


  • Your boss can grant or remove you from your position easily at any time


  • Salary is the biggest trap in your life. It will make you forget your dreams, targets, freedom, social life, family & enthusiasm.


  • If you are working to fulfill your hunger, in a situation where you cannot work, you will die from hunger.


  • Your children will not get your job after your retirement.


  • Being an employee in a company is like being a servant in a big house. You will get orders & you have to work accordingly.


  • As per Forbes magazine the richest people are not employees in any company hence they are the owners.


Being an employee in a company is not bad but if you want a high-status life then now never think to die as an employee.

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