5 reasons why you should take care of your insurance and finances

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2022)

Insurance and finance are an annoying topic. Nobody likes to deal with the dry paperwork that an insurance and bank advisor wants to turn to. In addition, they also cost money. Most people avoid the issue of money even in general. Who likes to talk about money? Besides, it’s always so nice:

What you can get today,

that’s a quiet move to tomorrow.

1. save money

Have you been dreaming about holidays in the Caribbean for a long time? Would you also need a new car? Or you just wanted to eat really well with your partner? There are so many nice things to invest your money in.

However, a look into your insurance folder will not bring you a Caribbean trip right away and you will not get a new car right away. But the fancy food with your partner is in it – promised!

It can always find savings. You can save up to 1,563 euros as a single a year by optimizing your insurance . Families can even save up to 2,829 euros . As a single , that’s about 130 euros a month . Of which you can with your partner already twice a month to the Italian around the corner.

If you put the saved money aside for another month, you will also find the luxury restaurant with a 5-course meal in it or even the long-awaited holiday in the Caribbean and the new car. Because over the months and years accumulates a nice sum of the saved insurance premiums . Within three years you can save up to 4,690 euros . Assuming you do not spend your savings every month at the Italian restaurant around the corner.


2. Optimize services

Pay a little, get a lot? Well, who does not want that? The price and performance differences in insurance are enormous. It is worthwhile to compare offers and have their insurances checked and / or checked at regular intervals (every 2 years). There is a considerable potential for optimization in the majority of insurance files – certainly also in yours.

It is not uncommon for consumers to overpay , under- or over- insured , or double their contracts


3. No worries in old age

Egg, another topic nobody wants to talk about. Get old and save for it. We live here and now and want to afford nice things today. Since I do not think about how it looks in 30, 40 or 50 years. I can save even for the age later. Besides, what do I need when I’m old? Old people are still frugal.

In the past, people who died of dizziness fell off the ladder and were dead. Some people still hope for an early death today. Mother Nature will handle it. Yes, she does. But if there were not the average life expectancy. This is 78 years for men and 83 years for women. There you remain probably still some years after your pension entrance, whether you want it or not.

Man, life begins as a renter but only really. Throughout your life you toiled day by day and as a thank you should eat water and bread now? No of course not! Traveling, playing golf, sipping champagne in the VIP lounge during the horse race on Sundays … you’ll certainly find other occupations. The renter of today are so sprightly.

4. No one else does it

TEAM = Great another makes it . Who is on the finance and insurance team? How nobody volunteers? Well, then the work will probably hang on you. At least the Search in your insurance and financial folder takes you from – but ask mom times.

Once you’ve found your folder, you can hand it over to a fool. Suit and tie bearers are totally on it and devour insurance files like the continuation of Harry Potter. Your insurance and financial advisor has already sent you three reminders that he eagerly awaits the folder. So, what are you waiting for? Let your advisor do the chores for you.

Before handing over your folder, find out in advance if you have an independent insurance consultant by your side. The FAZ has put together important tips to help you to find a good insurance – and financial advisor .

5. Life gives you nothing

Unfortunately that is the sad and naked truth. Not even death is free. You can start saving for your funeral right away. Yes, there is even a death benefit insurance to cover the horrendous cost of a funeral. Not that you’re about to run right now and get a death benefit insurance . You can almost insure yourself against anything – even against an alien kidnapping . Well, who needs it? For this reason it is important to individually which insurance should contain your folder.


In this sense, I would like to give you the following quote on the way.


Life gives nothing. What throws us in the lap,

is mostly cat’s gold and is melting us

under the hands. Only what we give him,

in hard honest fight, has lasting value.

– Helen of Götzendorff-Grabowski –

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