How to remove new folder.exe and shortcut virus

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2018)

Now quite often there is a new folder.exe and shortcut viru that hides your data, and instead of them creates shortcuts, or files with the .exe format.

Removal of the new folder.exe and shortcut virus.
Removing such a virus is not difficult, it is difficult after removal, to restore everything as it was before, because the virus not only makes your data hidden and usually marks as system, but also creates shortcuts. And if there were a lot of files and folders, then you will have to delete a lot of garbage.

First, let’s remove the new folder.exe and shortcut virus itself, which creates the labels. To do this, we need to enable the visibility of hidden folders and system files. You can do this by going to the control panel, which is located in the Start menu. (If you have Windows 8, then select “Control Panel” from the applications). Next, select the “Folder Options” and click on the “View” tab. At the end of the list you will see the properties in which you need to uncheck checkboxes, hide protected system files and extensions for registered file types, and switch to the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option if it has not been previously installed. Then click the “Apply” button. As a result, on the flash drive you will see both the hidden data and the shortcuts that we need to delete.

Right-click on any shortcut that created the virus, look at what file indicates this shortcut and the path to it. Usually this is a file with the .exe format, located in the RECYCLER folder. We delete it (it is in the root of our disk) and all labels created by the virus. If the flash drive has an autorun.inf file, it should also be deleted.

just in case, go to the folder:

For Windows 7 C: \ users \ your username is \ appdata \ roaming \
For Windows XP C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Local Settings \ Application Data \

If there are any files with the .exe extension, delete them – they should not be there.

After all deletions, there is only one problem – the data is hidden, and it cannot be changed in the standard way, because the tick “hidden” in the property of your data is inactive and is displayed in gray. In this case, I wrote a bat file to change the attributes (properties). Download it here. Place the bat file in the root of your flash drive and open it. After that, all your data must be restored.

Also, you can remove this new folder.exe and shortcut virus from a flash drive in another way. It is shown on next video. Good luck!

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