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How to Make Money – blogging for money

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2020)

How to blogging for money

Making money on your blog is not easy and you have to be patient. If you want to earn a your blog in the coming month, go your way.

In this article we will see:

  • How long can you make money with a blog
  • How to make blogging for money
  • How to live from blog

Living from your blog

The time needed to earn your blog

If you start from scratch, it will certainly take you 4 to 6 months to really earn your first $100. The hard part is to go from 0 to $100 per month with blog.

Why do you have to be patient to blogging for money?

  • You may not have knowledge of blogging
  • You will need to publish content (mainly articles) to attract your first visitors
  • Google will take its time to properly position your blog in its search results

At this staged reading, I believe that 90% of readers will give up. So congratulations to the 10% because I have good news: a blog brings, in the long run, much more than your current salary. It also allows to be financially free and to have much more free time. Once your blog is on the road, it will work for you night and day and bring you income. In just 4 months of intensive blogging, I managed to earn $600 with a blog. I advise you to register your email below to find out how you can do too.

Source of income of a blog

How to make money  with a blog


If you want to create a blog in the financial field or insurance, you can live blog with advertising with these are currently the ones that bring the most on the internet. An advertiser can pay up to $15  for a click on a banner.

For all other blogs, be aware that if you do not have at least 5000 visitors per day (and this is very long I guarantee), you will never live your blog through AdSense advertising (Google Adsense is the régie Google advertising that allows you to make money by posting ads on your blog). Read my past article for 7 tips to boost your SEO For Increase Your  blog traffic


Affiliation is about promoting a product on another site and getting a commission every time someone buys that product through you. The best-known affiliate partnership is Amazon Partner . The goal is to create product presentations for sale on Amazon and put a link to this product in your presentation articles and videos. Every time someone clicks on your link, any Amazon purchases from your site will earn you an affiliate commission.

Advantage of affiliation:

  1. saves money by selling known products
  2. does not need to create a product

Just be aware that commissions are not very high for physical products. On the other hand, your affiliate commission will be interesting if you present E book (called “Kindle” on Amazon) because they are “virtual” products.

I made a video tutorial where I explain how to sell in affiliation with Amazon

Sell ​​your product

Product creation is the only method I use on my blogs and it’s the one that pays the most. It is with this method that you can really live from your blog.

What kind of product to create to make money with a blog?

Note: if you do not have a blog, I will explain how to create one by clicking here  but if you already have one start there

Writing an e-book can bring you money if you promote it. You can send it to Amazon through Amazon’s KDP site.

Creating video training will be the most profitable content of your blog. Thereafter, you can offer coaching that will also be very profitable but it will require your presence. The advantage of selling product on your blog is that once the product you brought enough money for the time you put in to create it, and although you will continue to earn money on the sale of this product

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