How to sell a service?

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2018)

Hi Welcome to e Note Edition, today let’s see How to sell a service?

We all live in the era of services, when the smallest details of service are worth their weight in gold and can help either attract the attention of consumers or lose them forever. The market for services is completely different from other markets, since a service does not exist until it is provided, it is impossible to compare services before receiving them. And all the previous customer experience affects the level of satisfaction with the received service. It is difficult to say whether the work of the company’s branding agency has brought benefits to the time of receiving tangible benefits, in particular, a greater level of brand awareness, customer loyalty, and the influx of new ones.

In fact, in the services market, the client is always at a disadvantage, since for him buying is a risk, and therefore it is difficult for service sellers to bring services to the market, because services are intangible, they are harder to describe, show.

In services, time is increasingly becoming a decisive factor, the client becomes not only demanding, but also impatient.

The consumer is involved in the process of providing services, and therefore it is quite difficult to obtain a stable quality of the services provided. Also, the provision and consumption of services occurs simultaneously. Sometimes loud neighbors can negatively affect the overall impression of the flight, restaurant, cinema, and the like.

So How to sell a service?

The following aspects can facilitate the sale of services:

Personnel is a decisive factor in the quality of the services provided and, accordingly, customer satisfaction. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection, training, motivation and monitoring of the staff, since it is the employees and their behavior that create the value of the company and influence its perception.

– The seller of the service must determine the expectations of the consumer before receiving the service itself, since very often it is not knowing these expectations that lead to the loss of the consumer.

– The provision of free services is perhaps the most effective means of explaining to a potential consumer why they need these services. This is especially true when introducing new services to the market.

– The development of service standards, of course, will minimize the variability of services and ensure a uniform level of quality of its provision.

– Promotional promises need to fulfill. Do not promise what you can not do. It is better to exceed customer expectations than to deceive them.

– Simplify the lives of consumers. They find it difficult to evaluate services, so they need to be helped to understand what they should look for before, during and after receiving the service. Video materials can be useful.

– Support the provision of services with material evidence. For example, drawings, personal offices on the site, loyalty cards, reports, presentations, souvenirs, finally.

These tips can help attract new customers and keep existing ones. You should never forget that it is the content of existing loyal consumers that can guarantee the stable operation of an enterprise. And even if the company produces goods, it still provides services, selling its products, providing advice and carrying out after-sales service.

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