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7 tips to boost your SEO

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2019)

Do you dream of being well positioned on the Google homepage? To be well placed within organic results, ie natural, there are essential reflexes to adopt. Double bonus: they are free and effective. Follow these 7 simple tips to Boost your SEO (increase your search engine traffic).

 Know who you are talking to

To please Google, you need to get clicks, and to get clicks, you need to please Google. It’s a bit of a virtuous circle. To get clicks for sure, you need to challenge a certain type of user who might be interested in your content .

Define your potential audience in the form of a typical person, a kind of portrait-robot. In marketing, it’s called the persona. Once you have it, build your content first and foremost for him, not for you.

Treat the User Experience

Do you often visit a site that takes 10 seconds to load, or where to locate any info takes you a long time? Exactly! It is essential that the user stays on your site after clicking on your URL, otherwise you will get a high bounce rate, which will negatively impact your SEO.

For this,  your site must be technically flawless . Some must-haves:

  • optimized loading time
  • a clean design
  • compressed images for the web
  • an address in http s
  • a clean and burr-free code
  • a site adapted to the mobile format

above tips are most helpful boost your seo

Have really qualitative content

It’s not enough to be beautiful and well done, but you have to be smart: having quality content is absolutely essential when it comes to SEO. The sites whose content is hollow, consisting of sentences randomly placed there with the right keywords randomly assigned, are now identifiable by the search engines, which penalize them.

Produce relevant content, with links to other quality sites  : Google and Internet users will appreciate.

Respond to the desires of his target

Google values ​​sites responding directly to requests from users . This is the best way to find yourself in the “Featured snippet” of Google, ie the answer that is put forward in a box at the top of the first page of the results. On your site editor, do not forget to put your magic formula in the h1 tag, the title tag and the meta description, always natural, of course.

Leverage local research

Do you know the micro moments? On their smartphone surfers surf at any time: between two courses, while waiting for the bus, during the pub, or at breakfast before starting the day. This is called micro moments, and you have every interest in enjoying it, because these are important moments.

Now, one of the most frequent queries in these micros moments concerns the location of services. “Where to find a dentist in Besançon”, or a florist in Dijon, a printer in Carpentras, the best tattoo artist in Marseille …

To be the one that will emerge immediately during this type of query, think about optimizing your local SEO via geolocation, a Google My Business page, but also local directories , starting with online yellow pages. Do not forget to include a maximum of practical information, photos etc.

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Get backlinks

The links that direct users to your site from another site are one of the best SEO guarantees that are. Only here, getting it is long and tedious, and many people choose to buy artificial backlinks.

In terms of link creation, the quality undeniably premium on quantity , especially since Google is increasingly powerful to detect the purchase of links. So :

  • If you want SEO to be boosted, it’s better for the sites you’re commenting on to accept links to do follow, but for more naturalness, some of these links also need to be in no follow (the site often has a better reputation).
  • Sites that link to you must be relevant to your area of ​​activity.
  • Comments must be relevant, not to be considered spam

To be generous

No matter what field you’re in, even (if not especially) if you have something to sell, offering something is a great way to keep your audience engaged and back.

It’s an old merchant thing: distribute free samples to discover, give confidence and bring back the consumer. On the web, these gifts can take the form of a white paper, a free guide, printable sheets, a “how to” video, etc.

Now that you know these 7 simple tips to boost your organic traffic, ask yourself which ones you could start by setting up to gain a few places on the way to the first page of Google results.

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